Do I have Alcohol Poisoning? Or am I just hungover?

What is Alcohol Poisoning? Doctors state alcohol consumption as not having any benefits to human health. The only exception is red wine, as most doctors would agree one glass of red wine a day is good for your cardiovascular system and heart. A person is considered to have alcohol poisoning…

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How Accurate Are Urine Drug Tests?

Employers and families are now relying on drug testing accuracy to confirm whether or not the person being tested is using drugs or alcohol. The advances in medical communities and science that research addiction and drugs have created precise urine drug tests.

Drug tests are now available as an over-the-counter product to be purchased at the neighborhood drug store. Throughout the world, the public has adjusted to the requirement to take a urine drug test or submit random screening to prove they are either remaining clean or demonstrating their ability to perform at their job safely.

Additionally, asking a family member, friend, or roommate to take a urine drug test is not uncommon. Substance abuse and addiction affect nearly every family and community in some way now. The FDA approves all urine drug tests and other health and medical state boards for accuracy and quick results. Drug tests are frequently required of people on probation or parole, people who work with the elderly or children, or work that involves human safety as a priority.

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President-Elect Joe Biden Views Drug Addiction as Public Health Concern

The digital media publication Politico recently published more information on Joe Biden’s plans to acknowledge drug addiction primarily as a health concern versus a criminal legal problem. This past week, the article “Biden’s other health crisis: A resurgent drug epidemic” reveals Biden’s strategies for the drug addiction crisis that has become even worse during the covid-19  pandemic. President Trump, who relied on the legal processes to take prescience over illegal drug use, Biden plans to go forward with a more healing agenda focused on how to help drug addicts.

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Drug Abuse on Long Island

Long Island has long been described as ground zero for the heroin and opiate epidemic. In a National Safety Council report, Long Island residents accounted for over 20% of fatal overdoses in New York in 2017. Finding the root of the problem remains a tangled web of threads. Drug trends point to the population of the island as a major driver for illegal drug businesses. Aside from being densely populated, Long Island also has many young people.

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Free Drug Test Kits for Nassau and Suffolk Residents

At Long Island Interventions, we are providing free drug test kits to residents in Nassau and Suffolk counties that accurately detect the presence of the twelve most commonly abused drugs. The 12-panel advanced urine drug test kit typically retails for $14.99, but residents of Long Island can get their drug…

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Recovery Coaches on Long Island

In the State of New York and throughout the United States, addiction is one of the most serious diseases that families are battling and sadly losing loved ones every day. Once a person has gotten clean and sober their lives have certainly improved for the better, however, recovery is not just about staying clean and sober. Recovery requires an entirely new outlook and a newly recovering addict is like a young child in that they need a lot of guidance.

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Personal Story: Dealing With Mental Illness

by Aria Charlene Valdez, Newburgh NY

Dear friends,

Mental illness can be treated with therapy and medication, but it does not cure it. It simply manages the symptoms. When you have any form of mental illness it lingers every single day of your waking life. You can have the best life and it will wait for you. It will break you down until one day you’re vulnerable…and then IT WILL GET TO YOU.

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Staten Island Heroin Linked to Increase in Overdoses

The residents of Staten Island and all of the boroughs are dealing with an increase in overdoses resulting from heroin that is tainted and mixed with fentanyl. Communities all over Staten Island have been especially hard hit by this latest wave of heroin-related deaths, with a string of overdoses that are suspected to be caused by a bad batch of heroin. Officials are struggling to prepare an appropriate response and prevent further deaths, even as more drug dealers have been arrested in various police operations in the Staten Island area.

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Opioid Addiction in Long Island 2018

Law enforcement, health officials, and local politicians hope to put a dent in the opioid addiction crisis across Long Island in 2018. Authorities in Suffolk and Nassau counties are being aggressive in the fight against drug dealers that sling poison (heroin, fentanyl, and prescription pain pills) to children in our communities. The justice system in Long Island has taken a significant step in addressing the opioid addiction by punishing dealers who sell drugs that lead to fatal overdoses.

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