12 Panel Advanced Urine Drug Test Kit

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The 12 Panel Drug Test Strip is an easy to use drug test that allows you to detect the presence of twelve different drugs. It is our most comprehensive and popular test.

Testing with this strip is a highly accurate way to detect recent drug use. Urine drug testing is widely used in random drug testing due to the speed and accuracy of its results.



  • CLIA-Waived, FDA Approved & CE Marked
  • Includes Temperature Strip to Test Specimen Validity
  • Easy-To-Use, Quality Urine Drug Test Cups
  • Provides Results in Minutes!
  • Ability to Accommodate a Variety of Custom Configurations
  • Adulterant Testing Available
  • Applicable For Use Across Many Industries
  • Up to 99% Accurate!

The 12 Panel drug test will test for the following drugs at the levels below. The chart also shows how long various drugs will stay in the system and be detected by this test.

12 Panel Drug Testing Levels and Detection Periods
Cocaine  2-4 Days 300 ng/mL
Marijuana  15-30 Days 50 ng/mL
Opiates  2-4 Days 2000 ng/mL
Amphetamines  2-4 Days 1000 ng/mL
Methamphetamines  3-5 Days 1000 ng/mL
Phencyclidine(PCP)  7-14 Days 25 ng/mL
Benzodiazepines  3-7 Days 300 ng/mL
Barbiturates  4-7 Days 300 ng/mL
Methadone  3-5 Days 300 ng/mL
Oxycodone  2-4 Days 100 ng/mL
Ecstasy  1-3 Days 500 ng/mL
Propoxyphene  1-2 Days 300 ng/mL

7 reviews for 12 Panel Advanced Urine Drug Test Kit

  1. Mary Anne

    Great value for the money! They work like a charm and are always accurate. This is my second order and they helped me catch a family member. It’s a must-have for anyone that has an addicted loved one.

  2. Jacob Ruth

    Best drug test on the market. My son someone manipulated the tests I bought at CVS but not this one. Extremely accurate and even shows trace amounts.

  3. Mario27

    Amazing drug test it gives you instant results and even tells me if suboxone is in the system which many of them dont. I’m stocking up before they run out 🙂

  4. max

    excellent drug tests! if you’re in the long island area this is the spot to order, they arrive quickly and get the job done.

  5. JohnWexler

    This is the best drug test for long island residents that money can buy. Instantly tells me if my son has been using, which is crucial to helping us keep him away from opiates. Now that he’s clean, these tests are a great deterrent. Thank you for what you do.

  6. SandraDonovan

    They are running a great promotion and this test is super accurate. I’m extremely happy with the quick results and affordability. Highly recommended!

  7. ButterflyMom45

    I’ve used three of these tests on my daughter and they are all accurate. She confessed after being caught, and is now in treatment. These drug tests work great and are very affordable!

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