Mac Miller Died From a Drug Overdose

Acclaimed rapper Mac Miller has died from a drug overdose at the age of 26. Mac Miller rose to stardom in the mid-2010s as one of the most successful hip-hop performers of his generation but struggled with maintaining his sobriety. In May 2018, he was charged with a DWI after fleeing the scene of an accident.

He has talked about his struggle with recovery in the past, explaining how in 2012 he was addicted to codeine and promethazine syrup (aka “Lean”). In January 2013, Miller told Complex magazine:

I love lean; it’s great. I was not happy and I was on lean very heavy. I was so fucked up all the time it was bad. My friends couldn’t even look at me the same. I was lost.

Mac Miller dated the singer and performer Adrianna Grande from 2016 to May 2018, who has voiced support for his recovery but they separated after he started going downhill following the recent DWI arrest. Media reports point to his substance abuse being a key factor that ended their two-year relationship. Just like many celebrities that succumb to addiction and overdose, Mac Miller’s death has left fans in shock and he will be mourned around the world for his creative ability and positive presence.

What Drugs Killed Mac Miller?

The coroner’s toxicology report released interesting results about the prevalence of drug abuse among celebrities. Mac Miller died from an overdose, and he’s not the only celebrity. Wealth and power do not discriminate against addiction, it can kill anyone. Mac Miller died from an accidental drug overdose due to an overdose of fentanyl, cocaine, and alcohol, known in the medical field as mixed drug toxicity. Fentanyl, which is a synthetic opioid, and combined with the stimulant cocaine and depressant alcohol is a perfect combination for a fatality. Mac Miller died from an overdose of opiates, stimulants, and depressants (alcohol).

Mac Miller Dead From Apparent Overdose

Getting Help With Addiction

Can Mac Miller be brought in from the dead, I level it’s possible if we have the right spirit, relaxation, mediation, and follow instructions. Countless people around the country, not just celebrities, struggle with addiction every single day. Many are unable to get help in time before it’s too late. At Long Island Interventions, our mission is to provide comprehensive addiction resources to men and women that are ready to get better. Whether you’re searching for drug rehab, a detox program, or an outpatient treatment center, we’re here to guide and support you in the right direction. Mac Miller’s dead does not have to be the next headline written about yourself or a loved one.

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Article updated on May 9th, 2021

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