Drug Rehab that Accepts NYSHIP Insurance Empire Plan

There are many different drug rehab centers for those struggling with substance abuse. At Long Island Interventions, we guide residents of Long Island, Queens, and Staten Island to drug rehab that accepts NYSHIP insurance. As an Empire Plan drug rehab locator, we can provide quality addiction care for everyone covered under this health insurance plan.

All across New York tragic heartbreak is felt because of drug addiction. The heroin addiction epidemic is claiming more lives than at any time in the last 25 years. Since our effort began to provide treatment access for New York residents, we are an Empire Plan drug rehab that accepts NYSHIP insurance. We are here to help you find your way through all the available addiction treatment options and opportunities.

Drug Rehab that Accepts NYSHIP Insurance Empire Plan

Empire Plan Drug Rehab Information

Your health insurance benefits depend on a variety of factors. Empire plan’s substance abuse and mental health benefits are managed by Beacon Health options. With the Empire Plan, you have access to many in and out of network providers of substance abuse treatment. The severity of your addiction plays a role in the level of treatment you will receive. Inpatient drug rehab under the Empire Plan can last anywhere from one to three months. During your treatment stay at an Empire Plan drug rehab, you will attend daily process group therapy along with individual counseling.

Does The Empire Plan Cover Drug Rehab?

Providers must be credentialed by Beacon Health options formerly known as ValueOptions in order to participate in the Beacon Health Options network. The Empire Plan requires JCAHO accreditation to authorize services for substance abuse treatment. It is best to contact one of our addiction professionals for a consultation. In addition, we will verify your health insurance benefits and provide a detailed assessment at no cost to you. The NYSHIP certificate of insurance explains how substance abuse is covered under the Empire Plan.

New York State Health Insurance Program

NYSHIP stands for New York State Health Insurance Program, commonly known as the Empire Plan. We are connected with a network of solution-focused drug rehabs that accept the NYSHIP insurance empire plan throughout the New York area. Health benefits are provided through the Empire Plan for many New York residents. Our caring network of addiction treatment facilities covers the Empire Plan because we believe in helping those addicted.

About Long Island Interventions

Whether it’s for yourself or a loved one, our recovery advocates can help you find the appropriate heroin drug rehab for your situation. Many people who develop a substance use disorder find it very difficult to stop using without professional help. If you or someone you know is looking for a detoxdrug rehabintervention, or outpatient drug rehab, our addiction resource center can help.

Long Island Interventions provides an opportunity for those struggling with substance abuse to recover safely. We believe in Long Island drug treatment programs that are solution-focused and evidence-based and our recovery advocates have decades of combined experience.

Are you searching for drug rehab covered by the Empire Plan?

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