President-Elect Joe Biden Views Drug Addiction as Public Health Concern

The digital media publication Politico recently published more information on Joe Biden’s plans to acknowledge drug addiction primarily as a health concern versus a criminal legal problem. This past week, the article “Biden’s other health crisis: A resurgent drug epidemic” reveals Biden’s strategies for the drug addiction crisis that has become even worse during the covid-19  pandemic. President Trump, who relied on the legal processes to take prescience over illegal drug use, Biden plans to go forward with a more healing agenda focused on how to help drug addicts.

President-Elect Joe Biden's Plan to View Drug Addiction as a Public Health Concern

Joe Biden Has a Solution Oriented Stance on Drug Addiction

Politico got a statement from Michael Botticelli, who served as a White House drug policy leader under President Obama. The stance Biden will likely be taking to help the drug addiction crisis will be more solution orientated. Since drug use typically involves illegal substances, the legal system has been flooded with felony possession and other criminal activity related to addiction in the last several decades.

We have every reason to believe President-elect Biden will view this primarily as a public health issue,” said Michael Botticelli, who led the White House drug policy office under President Barack Obama. “They recognize there is a critical component law enforcement has to play but leading with a public health strategy. (Politico, 2020)

The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports how common it is for addiction to end up in the legal arena.:

 The substantial prison population in the United States is strongly connected to drug-related offenses. While the exact rates of inmates with substance use disorders (SUDs) are difficult to measure, some research shows that an estimated 65% percent of the United States prison population has an active SUD. Another 20% percent did not meet the official criteria for a SUD. Or they were under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of their crime. (NIDA)

A Hopeful Approach to Drug Addiction in the Biden Administration

The article by Politico and other news sources on Biden’s hopeful and more down to earth approach to drug addiction mentions how Biden’s son Hunter struggles with addiction.

According to reporting by Politico:

Biden, who often spoke during the campaign about his son Hunter’s struggles with substance abuse, has called for record investments in drug prevention and treatment while also holding drug companies accountable for their role in the opioid epidemic. (Politico, 2020)

The facts are that addiction has gotten worse during the pandemic. Recently the Director, Dr. Nova Volkow of the National Institute on Drug Abuse part of the National Institutes of Health, shed light on why there has been a surge of addiction and an increase in overdoses during the COVID-19 pandemic. Volkow appeared on CNN’s Cuomo Prime Time in July 2020, where she stated that the pandemic has intensified why addicts struggle with addiction. 

Volkow noted to CNN: 

The isolation, the stress of job losses, and the overburdening of the health care system is putting vulnerable people [with substance use disorders] at risk. (CNN, 2020)

The concerns ahead for helping people get treatment for their addiction during the pandemic are challenging. Effective addiction treatment includes one-on-one interventions, individual counseling, group counseling, are all face to face components necessary to help a person recover from addiction to drugs, alcohol, or both. The treatment programs that are now available provide evidence-based forms of therapy completed by a professional who specializes in evidence-based types of treatment.

Professional Help is Available for Treating Addiction

The centers we send clients to offer evidence-based forms of therapy. Cognitive-behavioral theory, dialectical behavioral theory, medication-assisted treatment, and personalized treatment plan are considered the gold standard of effective addiction treatment. If you or a loved one needs help for their substance use disorder, please reach out to one of our representatives. We can have you or a loved one enter into a rehab center that provides excellent science-based programs that are compliant to the CDC’s restrictions that are currently taking patients.

President-Elect Joe Biden’s Plan is to View Drug Addiction as a Public Health Concern

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